Operations managers: we make your life easier!

Outsourcing circuit assembly can offer significant advantages to any company— even one with an established history of manufacturing its own products. From savings on raw materials and reduced staffing and facility costs to efficient scheduling and supremely reliable quality control, our success is built on making you more successful. Already have your own manufacturing facility? Even you can benefit substantially from working with RPC Manufacturing Solutions. We are experts at providing you:

  • Custom cables to interconnect various components of your machine or device
  • Wire harnesses, built to your exact specs, that you can install inside your machine or device
  • Electrical panels ready to install inside your electrical control boxes
  • Completely populated control boxes with all the wiring ready to plug in and fire up
  • Or, we can put connectors on various components (fans, power supplies, filters, potentiometers, etc.), so your own assemblers can simply plug them in

Why not leave circuit assembly to the experts at RPC while you focus on the aspects of manufacturing that are your core competency? No need to have your own skilled circuit assemblers to recruit, train, motivate, supervise, and pay. You can even order complete assemblies from us, so you don’t have to manage all the component parts. We make your life easier. Contact us today to find out how our experience can add quality and value to your manufacturing.