Manufacturers of electrical machinery and equipment depend on RPC for small or large quantities of our PCB assembly services, wire harnesses, external interface cables, circuit board assembly, power cables, and complete control box build assemblies. You’ll find our electronic manufacturing service beneficial for your car wash equipment, air purifiers, check-verification devices, CNC machine tools, and many other demanding installations.

The electrical equipment industry is consistently growing due to the rapid innovations in technology. Digital technologies have increased the demand for advanced electrical devices, which ultimately drive the growth of the manufacturing market.

At RPC Manufacturing, we are committed to manufacturing advanced electrical equipment and machinery. Thus, we offer an extensive range of PCB assembly services, including power cables, external interface cables, wire harnesses, circuit board assembly, and control box build assemblies. Our electrical solutions come in small and large quantities, which can be used in various applications.

As a reputable company, we handle every aspect of the manufacturing process, from material acquisition to assembly, packaging, and transportation.

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Electrical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Superb quality – Our goal at RPC is to attain the highest standards of quality every time. We follow IPC/WHMA-A-620 training guide along with ISO compliance documentation and regulations. We also offer on-time performance to ensure we meet your production schedule and avoid costly delays.
  • Experience – We’ve been in business for many years and have built high expertise and experience manufacturing electrical equipment. Our primary specialty is assembling wire circuits into tailored cables to offer efficient connection to electronics and wire harnesses to install into gadgets. Moreover, we use specialized equipment and tools that can handle even complex jobs with ease.
  • Competitive prices – We manufacture high-quality electrical equipment at affordable prices, which can help you save on expenses. As the industry leader, RPC Manufacturing aims at building efficiency and reducing costs while increasing your production capacity without skimping on quality.


Need a reputable manufacturer and supplier to purchase electrical equipment? At RPC Manufacturing, we can solve all your manufacturing setbacks. As a skilled electrical manufacturing company, we can help you develop, manufacture, test, and assemble your electrical products at our plant to enhance productivity. Contact us today at 303-417-1500 to request a quote.