When choosing the right electronic manufacturing services for your tech projects, make sure you are choosing the best in the industry.  At RPC our expertise is in everything from box builds, custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses and more. We serve OEM clients and other electronic contract manufacturing companies with high-tech equipment such as:

  • RFID monitoring equipment, cables, and antennas
  • GPS systems
  • Monitoring devices


Electronic contract manufacturing comprises several services ranging from engineering to subassembly manufacturing, functional testing, PCB fabrication, and order fulfillment for original electronic manufacturers. OEMs can adopt electronic contract manufacturing as a replacement or a supplement to other manufacturing operations.

At RPC Manufacturing, we are a leading ECM company providing High-techs with specialized skills in custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, box and panel builds, and many more. We are responsive and flexible enough to provide solutions to global OEM clients and other manufacturing companies.

Why Electronic Contract Manufacturing is Right for You

The demand for outsourced electronic components and services keeps growing, and electronic contract manufacturing has significantly reduced supply chain costs. Thanks to electronic contract manufacturing, original equipment manufacturers can now effortlessly reduce some of their in-house manufacturing expenses and support other business projects.

Electronic contract manufacturing allows companies to operate without internally managed manufacturing factories or capabilities. These services relieve the OEMs from the hassle of hiring and training manufacturing experts. ECM services also give the contract manufacturers work stability since they operate on quality control and assurance procedures.

Application of ECM

Electronics Contract Manufacturing Companies

At RPC Manufacturing, our electronic contract manufacturing services provide solutions to the world’s most in-demand high-tech industries like:

  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive

OEMs and other companies in these industries are increasingly adopting ECM because its cost-effective and quickens the manufacturing processes. We handle essential tasks such as:

  • Product design
  • Global logistics
  • High volume manufacturing
  • Supply chain management
  • Distribution
  • Repair services


Have you been seeking to find a professional and reliable electronic contract manufacturing company? If yes, we at RPC Manufacturing are more than ready to help. We provide our clients with top-shelf PCB assembly, wire harnesses, circuit board prototypes, custom cable assembly services, and more. Please contact us online now or call us directly at 303-417-1500 to get a free quote.