The agricultural industry has recently become highly mechanized and tech-intensive. This can be attributed to various innovative agricultural practices and heavy machinery for planting, maintaining, and harvesting crops. At RPC Manufacturing, we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of OEM parts for agricultural machinery to help enhance the efficiency of farm production operations.


A key trend in the agricultural industry is the growing demand for precision technology to increase crop quality, quantity, and revenue from agricultural produce. At RPC Manufacturing Solutions, we provide farmers with advanced cloud-computing technology, remote sensors, and smart access devices to manage their farms and ranches.

Other common technologies in agriculture include precision computerized facility control systems and GPS-controlled tilling and harvesting equipment.

Farming and ranching today is a sophisticated business: from GPS-controlled harvesting and tilling equipment to precision computerized facilities controls. Whether you need custom cable assemblies, PCB assembly, control boxes, prototype printed circuit board components, or tractor-cab dash panels, RPC Manufacturing provides solutions built to withstand severe weather, harsh chemicals, and the toughest tests in the field.

Agriculture within the Electronics World

There is growing interest in agricultural technology, which has catapulted the industry from a simple subsistence sector to a commercialized global industry. Research shows that increased investment and application of agricultural technology can increase food production globally by 67% by 2050 and drastically reduce food prices.


OEM Parts for Agriculture

If you want to get high-quality and cost-effective OEM parts for your agricultural business, then RPC Manufacturing Solutions is your perfect manufacturing partner. We have years of experience supplying agricultural machinery and OEM parts specifically built to withstand and work under the roughest terrains, harsh chemicals, and severe weather conditions.

You can count on us to provide you with superior products such as:

  • Custom cable assemblies
  • GPS-controlled harvesting and tilling equipment
  • Prototype printed circuit board components
  • Control boxes
  • Tractor-cab dash panels

At RPC Manufacturing, we guarantee durability and quality services from our agricultural equipment. Our experts specialize in agricultural electronics manufacturing and assembly services, offering you the machinery needed to effectively run your farms and ranches.


When looking for OEM parts for your agriculture business, choose RPC as your preferred contract manufacturing company.

Mechanization is the future of the agriculture industry, and hence it’s the way to go for every ambitious farmer. At RPC Manufacturing Solutions, we are committed to providing you with the latest agricultural technology to boost your production. Please get in touch with us today to get all the OEM parts you need.